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As I Remember – Come io ricordo


Achille Garritano

Edited by Letizia Chiappetta

In lingua inglese

978-88-97995-30-2 | pp. 80 | 14 × 21 cm | settembre 2013

Cover photograph: The Author’s Portrait, 1961, Montevideo (Uruguay)




This book tells the story of a lifetime which began among the hills of Fiumefreddo Bruzio, a small town in the South of Italy, and was destined to continue on the other side of the Ocean, in a distant land made of promises, hopes and freedom called America.
It is the story of a man who emigrated at a young age to escape misery and a suffocating mindset, from a too closed wich hindered growing and keeping up with the rest of the world’s civilization. Indeed, at the time this abandoned Mediterranean territory could not offer anything to its children but few values of life, such as love towards family, faith, strength of will, and above all, joy deriving from simple things. Thanks to these life lessons, Achille Garritano has managed to fight for a better future, even if this meant making sacrifices in a foreign country, determined to face the conditions imposed by the new reality in which he lived, for example, the difficulties of local language, which submitted one to mortifying humiliations. […]

Letizia Chiappetta

As I Remember – Come io ricordo